Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Greeting Cards, Jewelry, and Gifts

Welcome Retailers!

We welcome partnering with your store to offer Credo Designs' products to your customers. Established in 1992, Credo now ships products to bookstores, gift shops and retreat centers throughout the country. As partners, we strive to support the success of your store by:

  • Offering unique, high-quality products to you at reasonable wholesale prices.
  • Answering display questions. We have some display options with signage for the Rocks of Ages, Be Gentle necklaces and bookmarks. Have a question or suggestion? Let us know!
  • Promoting your business on our website listing of stores where Credo products can be purchased.
  • Making it easy to do business with us. Minimum order is $150. Terms: Prepay by credit card on 1st order, net 30 terms on subsequent orders.

We often receive notes asking where Credo's products can be purchased. We would like to add your store to the list of selected stores where these unique products are available. Please contact us if you are interested our products for your business.