Care Packages

Introducing 'Glimmer' Care Packages!
Care Packages
WHY? Because life since the Pandemic is different. We do things differently. We work differently. We play differently. AND … we shop differently! No longer do we browse and hang out in multiple favorite stores looking for just the right gift for someone we love. And yet now more than ever so many we know could use a care package. We all need to know we are loved. That someone cares. That’s why our team at Credo has put together these new Glimmer Gift Sets for those you love.

~ Sympathy Care Package … instead of flowers
~ Birthday Care Package … to brighten someone’s day
~ Mom Care Package … to offer encouragement
~ Favorite Student Package ... to show support and love

We have put these together and packaged them with love for those you love. We will drop ship directly and bill you separately at this introductory price. We believe they will cheer a heart and bring a glimmer to their day!

***(Glimmer care packages available for online retail orders only)