As an art educator, for years I have been encouraging people to S l o w d o w n to enjoy the gift of color and the creative process. We all remember as kids the delight of a new color book or sketch pad and the deluxe box of 48 crayons!

Before coloring “was all the rage”, I used these journals as a springboard for creative scribbles, thoughts and songs. You will find “outside the lines” rules for journaling and hints for coloring your prayers. Try combining your coloring efforts with your expressions of the heart and your prayers! A great way to relax and reflect at the same time.

Customer Testimonial

Marva was at my church several years ago at women’s retreat where I attended her workshop. I purchased the journal “A Personal Search for a Personal God” that night for myself. Being in my 50’s, and even before Covid, I was feeling the need to connect with my girlfriends more often. So I texted a picture of the journal and a couple of the pages to four friends, asking if they would like to get together and journal with me. They were all in! So I ordered journals for everyone online. We met every 6 weeks or so that year, until the pandemic. We just started up again this fall. On our meeting nights we share a simple meal and catch up with each other. And our conversations about life always seem to end up connecting with the journal page and Bible verses that were chosen for that night. We’re discovering God and what He’s been up to in each other’s lives, and trying to make sense of it through his word. It’s been so awesome to connect with this special group of women in this way.
~Sarah S.

Pause & Ponder Journal
Come & Rest Journal
Be Still and Know Tumbler
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