Rocks of Ages

The Story behind the Rocks...

Everyone loves a rock, and artist Marva Sheriff has been painting crosses on natural, common rock from the shores of Lake Superior since 1997. They have been a customer favorite for many years. Throughout the years we have heard many rock stories as customers have given these Rocks of Ages to the special people in their lives. They have been so inspiring…each rock and each story is unique. Be sure to check out our newest rock creation "Stone Altars" from Lake Superior.

The Story Behind the Prayer Cards . . .

Like most ideas, Credo’s Prayer Cards with hand painted Lake Superior stones were created out of a need. I am sure we all know people in families, our inner circles, our neighborhoods and workplaces that are facing difficult times with cancer and various illnesses. Just a few years ago a close friend, my sister and Credo’s office manager,were both were faced with the dreaded diagnosis of cancer.

At the time, my sister Suzanne, who had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, was touched by the outpouring of love and support. She said “the cards and the prayers literally carried me through each day”. She also had a heart for the precious caregivers who would walk through the valley with her. These experiences inspired me to write a simple prayer & design a simple rock for those facing difficult health issues and for their caregivers. May they serve to help you reach out to those in your life in need of hope and comfort.

In honor of all graduates and special people during this time, I have created rocks with new verses on the back. Their name will be personalized on the front with the 2020 date on the back.
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