Come & Rest Journal

Come & Rest Journal
BK2000 - Come & Rest Journal
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Product Description

"Come & Rest" has been created to help you trust more and worry less. As you write down your concerns, joys, & cares for the day, your jottings become your prayers as you release them to God. Begin or end each day with "Words to lean on"Ö a reading and promise from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and a Psalm or Proverb.

Suggested Uses:
  • Personal Devotions
  • Parish Nurses
  • Grief Ministry
  • Retreats & Camps
  • Hospice resource

What Others Are Saying About Come & Rest:

"Your 'Come & Rest' has been the perfect thing to keep me journaling. Just the format I need. I love reading scripture, letting the Holy Spirit guide me, and then responding to it. You did a great job choosing and grouping scripture. I have had a rich time - and so often I would get finished and look at your words at the bottom and just smile 'yes'."
Mary Olson, Bible Instructor, Oak Park IL

"As a busy mother, wife, and business owner, itís hard to find time to slow down and spend quiet time with God. I continue to struggle with letting go & letting God. 'Come & Rest' helps me do just that! Itís so easy to pick it up and create some space for myself Ė some time to be still & know."
Theresa Bergum, Mother, Prior Lake MN

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