NEW! Favorite Student Care Package A

NEW! Favorite Student Care Package A
CP-STA - NEW! Favorite Student Care Package A
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Product Description

Sending your child off to college or a place away from home, is bittersweet. New adventures as well as challenges await them.

Being away from the comforts of home and the ones who love us best is hard! That's why we've created this care package to send encouragement and a hug. Let them know you care with some treats and a journal to help them jot down their thoughts, insights, concerns, and prayers. We believe this will bring a smile to their face and tug to their heart. And you will feel better too!

A hint from Paula: As I prepare to send our twins off to college I've heard that a few weeks after you release your children to fly, reality sets in. The "honeymoon" is over. Uncertainties, busy schedules, assignments due and homesickness may set in. What a great time to show love & support with a care package from CREDO!

CREDO'S Favorite Student Care Package contains a Comfort and Peace prayer card with Lake Superior "peace" stone (PC07-R), a bookmark with tea, (B1042), a Personal Search journal (BK98), a treat, a limited edition bracelet (BND-WOO), and a personalized greeting card (C130).

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