Simple Christmas Prayer Christmas Card Set

Simple Christmas Prayer Christmas Card Set
CC913S - Simple Christmas Prayer Christmas Card Set
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Front Message:Encircle us with Your Love - Calm our fears - Cheer our hearts - Renew our hope - Come, live among us! AMEN
Inside Message:May all the gifts of Christmas grace your new year

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The Christmas season is upon us once again. For me, the longing for a much simpler Christmas still tugs at my heart. Years ago, I nonchalantly penned "keep Christmas simple..." on a simple watercolor. I remember working and re-working the inside message, "a simple birth, a simple truth ... God's love is the gift of the season".

Surprisingly, that simple card has become Credo's all time best-selling card ever! It has been reprinted many times and we continue to receive feedback on this card long after the Christmas season. Perhaps many share this longing I have for a simpler Christmas!

With this in mind, I designed and penned "A Simple Christmas Prayer" for 2010 Christmas. As I recall, it took many cuts and edits to pare down my thoughts and prayer. I was determined to keep it simple! I wanted this prayer to reflect the heart of the Christmas message - one of love and hope - not just at Christmas time, but for every day of the year. As I thought of my family and friends, we all face fears and uncertainties, we all need hope and encouragement, we all long for God's loving presence in our lives - and not just at Christmas time.

I know writing Christmas cards can be a daunting task when life is so busy. I have started a new tradition! In late November/early December I head for a log cabin perched on the shores of Lake Superior with a friend. Surrounded by beauty and the peace of the lake, I write my Christmas letter, address my cards, ponder the Christmas message and count my blessings of family and friends. It also works to sit at home by the fire, sip hot chocolate, listen to Christmas carols and just enjoy the process. Listen to the words of an old familiar carol, O Little Town of Bethlehem . . . "the hopes and fears of all the years are met in Thee tonight".

May your Christmas be peaceful, joyful and simply wonderful!

In hope of a simpler Christmas,
Marva Sheriff