Great Rejoicing Grandchild Birthday Greeting Card

Great Rejoicing Grandchild Birthday Greeting Card
C057 - Great Rejoicing Grandchild Birthday Greeting Card, message inside
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Front Message:And there was great rejoicing
Inside Message:The day you were born . . Happy Birthday . . . you're a star!

Product Description

“Jottings from the Artist”

The births of my children and grandchildren are major highlights in my life. I can still recall the excitement and overwhelming joy and gratitude in my heart over such miracles. If I wrote the story for each and every child, I would begin their story with “and there was great rejoicing” at the news of your safe arrival. I hope that this birthday greeting card expresses such joy and excitement at the birth of each and every child that is born. Nothing compares to the gift of new life. Each baby is a star that lights up someone’s life. Let those you love know how much joy they bring to your life!

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