Personal Search Journal

Personal Search Journal
BK98 - Personal Search Journal
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Product Description

"A Personal Search for a Personal God" has been created to help you seek a personal God who longs to be known by you. Selected verses help you personally discover God's unchanging character. The selected Bible verses focus on the attributes of God and make a helpful Bible study for Christians of all ages. The journal's casual format encourages creative, personal response through your scribbles, sketches, songs & prayers.

Each study journal comes with helpful Suggestions for Starting a Small Group Study. Please contact us regarding group discounts.

Suggested Uses:

  • New Seekers
  • Personal Growth
  • Campus Ministry
  • Confirmation Classes
  • Small Group Study
  • Retreats

What Others Are Saying About A Personal Search for a Personal God:

"I appreciate, as a campus pastor, how this devotion/journal fills the desire of so many students to "draw close to God" as they adjust and explore the new, exciting and challenging setting of a college campus, away from their own familiar spiritual settings. It comes with no agenda, to speak of, only the abundant images of an amazing God!
Sonja Hagander, Campus Ministry Pastor @ Augsburg College, Minneapolis

"'A Personal Search for a Personal God' gives me new insight for the day, but doesn’t take so long that I can't do it before school. I like drawing pictures or writing poems and phrases to describe my feelings. It really has helped me express my feelings better and truly discover God."
Samantha Sell, High School Student, St. Michael MN

"This journal can be used with many age groups for personal daily devotions as well as for retreats, confirmation and adult study groups. It is a tool that helps a person discover many aspects of God in the fine print of the Bible and uncover God's gifts to each individual in word, picture and song. A challenging and exciting way to grow in faith."
Pastor Carol Solovitz, Zumbro Lutheran Church, Rochester MN