Personal Search for a Personal God Study Guide

Personal Search for a Personal God Study Guide
As an art educator, I enjoy encouraging people to sketch, color and scribble their prayers to God ' the Author of all creativity. I believe sharing our creative responses, reflections and prayers in small groups greatly enhances and expands the use of this guide. Below are simple suggestions for leading a small group using "A Personal Search for a Personal God." As you share how God has met you, you will be blessed by what comes forth. We have much to learn from one another!

Marva Sheriff, Artist

Suggestions for Small Group Study

Getting Started

  • Prayerfully gather together four to eight seekers looking for fresh, open, creative ways to study God's Word.
  • To begin, review together the "Suggestions for Getting Started" in the front of the journal. You may also want to read "Additional Hints for Journaling" on the back of this page.
  • It is helpful to have a good dictionary and concordance when studying.

Planning Your Study Sessions

  • Encourage shared leadership ~ make a plan for taking turns leading each session. The primary role of the leader is to encourage discussion by all members of the group.
  • Decide how many pages you will discuss each session and in what order. For example, you might decide to study two "Discover God as'" pages each session. Some groups follow the pages in order. Others create a schedule choosing their own order. Do what works best for your group!
  • Each session clarify the next pages you will be discussing.
  • The following questions may help each seeker during their "personal searching" time:
  • "Is this the God I know?" "How does this relate to me?" "Does God want me to do something?"
  • For an added challenge, find verses that relate to the attribute you are studying.

Sharing Your Responses

  • Open your study in prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to lead & guide you.
  • Read the verses out loud together. It's helpful to hear different translations.
  • Encourage participants to share their discoveries. Ask the group what thoughts, insights and questions came to mind as they searched the Word.
  • Invite each seeker to share how they responded in prayer. Talk about how this relates to your everyday life.
  • Save time to talk about your "Scribbles, Sketches & Songs." What images, words and colors helped to express your feelings & prayerful responses?

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up . . . 1 Thessalonianians 5:11