"Rocks of Ages" Wedding Rock

"Rocks of Ages" Wedding Rock
Hand painted wedding rock from the shores of Lake Superior
ROAW - "Rocks of Ages" Wedding Rock
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Personalize stones with names of bride & groom ($10.00):

Product Description

If you are searching for a meaningful and unique wedding gift for a special couple, Credo’s wedding rock may be perfect ! This unique, one of a kind gift will be a keepsake that the wedding couple will treasure for a lifetime. Priced at $55, the price is right for a wedding gift. Customers have also used this unique rock for 25th or 50th Anniversaries! The message hand penned on the back is “God is our Rock”. Included are 2 small smooth stones, representing the individuality of the bride and groom. You may also have it personalized with the couple’s names for an additional $10. This makes a wonderful piece of art for the couple’s home, a constant reminder of their strength as a couple, their promise made before God and their love for one another. Included is a hand painted natural wood slice for displaying the stones. Please allow 2 weeks for this item.

The enclosure and jotting from the artist reads as follows:

A man will leave his father & mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh. – Genesis 2:24

Since the beginning, marriage – the union of two separate beings – was God’s idea. This union is a mystery and a gift. As you begin or continue this journey as one, may you always live and grow in love. And as you face life’s joys and challenges together, may this rock remind you of the solid foundation that supports you both – God is your ROCK!

Hand painted in love and with appreciation for God’s faithfulness in my marriage, Marva L. Sheriff, Artist