Jottings from the artist...

Welcome to! We realize that life is full and we all have a vast array of websites, blogs, and social media sites vying for our attention. We are humbled and grateful that you have found us, or maybe even stumbled across Credo Designs! Thank you for taking the time to check out what we have to offer.

Many things have changed since our founding in 1992, but Credo’s mission has remained the same. As artist and owner of Credo, I have had the privilege of creating greetings and products that flow from my own life experiences, with the intention of uplifting and encouraging others. I strive to keep things fresh and simple! And I am humbled when you reach out to your family & friends with my offerings.

At Credo, we believe in the power of a simple card or bookmark to make a difference in someone’s day… especially when YOU take the time to reach out to someone you care about! In our fast paced and often isolating world, we all could use a glimmer in our day.

We are most grateful to our loyal and faithful customers and we are thrilled when new customers discover Credo from near and far! You are a blessing and encouragement to us. May God be at work through you to make our world a more kind and gentle place. In Hope, Marva L. Sheriff, Artist/Owner, CREDO DESIGNS

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